Ronin Films

Ronin Films Data Protection Policy


Ronin Films credits to date:

Pet Island Series 2 (in production for RTÉ & BBC 2015)

Martin Bailey and family

Irish Emigrants in Australia (in post-production for RTÉ 2015)

Dermot O Toole, his wife Bridget and sons

LA Vice (Channel 4 2015 awaiting tx)


Smack Em Up (RTÉ 2014)

Smack 'Em Up Bray Wrestler Fergal Devitt in action

Pet Island six-part series (RTÉ 2014)

Margaret Farrell

Ireland’s Rappers Revealed (RTÉ & BBC3 2012)


Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant (BBC & TG4 2011)

Byrne leaving Ireland

The Laughter Club (TG4 2006)

Cumann a'Gháire - Dr Madan Kataria showing argument laughter

Company website here.

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